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On the important issue of landlords checking prosptective tenants before they let them into their pr
Taking a look at an excellent guide published by the Property Redress Scheme on fees letting agents [more]
Some guidance for landlords when signing their agreements with their agent eg on deposits, fees, te [more]
Looking at agency law and how it applies to letting agents, landlords and tenants [more]
Introduction to why landlords need letting agents and some tips on how to find a good letting agent [more]
Before you rent out property you often need to get permission. This post looks at when this is nece [more]
If you consider your rented property to be ‘just an investment’, think again. To the authorit [more]
Five cost effective ways you can learn to be a landlord
Looking at the various ways landlords can learn the essential skills and knowledge in order to be a [more]
Looking at the qualities needed to be a good landlords [more]
Can a tenancy be created just by the tenant moving in and starting to pay rent? Or does the landlor [more]
Property Tribes interview solicitor David Smith on the Right to Rent Checks being brought in by the [more]
The question of locks on internal doors in rented properties is one which is often asked by tenants. [more]

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