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Landlord Law Blog roundup from 13 May

bespoke tenancy agreementI am a bit late with the roundup this week as I have been setting up a new service for Landlord Law members.

Its a new ‘bespoke’ tenancy service.

Members can request me to do up to five amends to my standard template (or more by agreement) to be set up so they can generate it online via my ‘document generator’ system in a private part of the site.

Plus I will try to get their logo on the agreement too.  This is not as easy as it sounds as with the document generator things don’t always display as you expect.  Tables for example are impossible.

But I think I have found a way to do it.  You can read about the new service >> here.

But what happened on the blog?


Can tenants withhold rent for maintenance?

Tenants move in only to experience various problems   All of which the landlord deals with but the tenants still withhold rent.  Are they entitled to do this?  See what I say here …


Resolving tenancy deposit non protection issues – interpreting the law

I ask a question and get some answers.  See what they are here…


What is the best way to serve possession notices?

A blog clinic question from a letting agency employee who is worried that her manager may be serving notices the wrong way.  Take a look here …


Three misunderstanding about tenants rights when a section 21 notice is served on them

Just clearing up a few misunderstandings.  Were they yours? Check here …


Ben’s Public Eye

A new series from Ben about social housing.  We are in the year of the apocalypse.  Read more here …


Further reading

  • More criticism of the gov’ts plans to turn landlords into immigration police from Landlord today
  • Interesting post also from David Smith on the Anthony Gold blog on the subject
  • A nice article from Ben in the Guardian about the changing role of the housing officer

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