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Hello, thank you for visiting my blog. I am Tessa Shepperson.  I specialise in residential landlord and tenant law.

Originally from London, I now live in Norwich in Norfolk, England UK.    

About the blog

I started the blog, in February 2006, mainly because I thought it would be fun to have somewhere to write and make comments on legal developments and news in my ‘niche’, residential landlord and tenant law and practice.

Over time, my blog has developed, and is now an important part of my online presence, the ‘magazine’ aspect as it were of my legal information service.

So for example I

  • give tips on various aspects of being a landlord, such as choosing a letting agent or dealing with non paying tenants
  • describe and comment on legal developments, such as new regulations
  • answer readers problems in the popular ‘blog clinic’
  • discuss relevant reports and consultation papers issued by government and relevant organisations
  • do reviews of new books and services
  • and so on.

Fridays are given over (mostly) to Ben Reeve Lewis, a housing adviser and trainer, who writes a lively and very entertaining news column.  There are also occasional posts from housing journalist Samir Jeraj and from some of the housing solicitors at Anthony Gold solicitors.

I allow myself to go ‘off topic’ from time to time (usually because I feel indignant about something), and have been known to write about (for example) the decline of the legal aid system, and court funding issues.

I also use the blog to keep people informed of new developments in my professional online service, and also my training service Easy Law Training and my e-commence business Your Law Store.

My business and Landlord Law

I have worked in property law for over 20 years. In 1994 I set up my own legal firm, TJ Shepperson, working as a sole practitioner, and initially having a a ‘mixed bag’ property litigation practice.

After buying a computer for the business, I developed an interest in the Internet, which resulted eventually in setting up my online service Landlord Law at in November 2001. Since about 1999 I have concentrated almost exclusively on private residential landlord and tenant work.

Landlord Law is a subscription membership site where members can look up the answers to their legal problems, create tenancy agreements and notices, use the popular ‘do it yourself’ eviction kit, and ask me questions on the members discussion forum.

It is a huge site and has a massive amount of information both for landlords and tenants, plus we have many members who are letting agents, advisers, and quite a few other lawyers.

In fact, by September 2013, Landlord Law had become so successful that I decided to close down my solicitors practice TJ Shepperson, and concentrate just on running the site (and a few other things).

At the same time I reached an agreement with top housing solicitors Anthony Gold to take over the provision of legal services (such as eviction case work) for Landlord Law members, and also to help me keep the site (and also this blog) up to date.

If you are interested in finding out more about Landlord Law, follow the links from the big home page box  here, or if you want information about membership go here.

I also have a free 12 part e course which is based at a site called Landlord Law essentials.  Find out more >> here.

Your Law Store

Your Law Store is an e-commerce site and business which I run with my long term web designer Gill Bishop.  Here we sell various ebooks and forms, aimed at landlords, tenants and also people renting a room to a lodger.

Here are some links to pages with information about our new lodger pack, my section 21 ebook, and my tenancy agreements audiobook.

School for Landlords / Easy Law Training

School for landlords is a relatively new service and provides training services and products for landlords (although they are also useful to agents and housing advisers).

It is a part of my Easy Law Training company which I run with Ben Reeve Lewis.  You can see the main site >> here.

Lodger landlord

I also run Lodger Landlord, a free information service with guidance about renting to lodgers . There is also a documents shop and a fixed fee advice service.


As well as writing and running Landlord Law and the blogs, I also do talks and lecturing and write articles for other property web-sites and journals.  I also write a blog, Working on the Web where I write about (as you would guess) working on the web.

Legal information

Although I am a solicitor, I am now ‘non practising’ having closed down my solicitors practice TJ Shepperson in order to concentrate on my other work.  However I did have a solicitors practice between 1 August 1994 and 30 September 2013 and therefore many of the older posts on this blog will refer to it and to my being a regulated solicitor.

I am registered for VAT, registration number 640 4691 45.

My Lawpack books

In 1999 I was commissioned to write a handbook for landlords by Lawpack Publishing. The Complete Guide to Residential Letting: The Smart Landlord’s Guide to Renting Out Property was published in 2000 and has been regularly updated ever since. It has become a bit of a classic, and is now used as a handbook by a number of landlords associations. You can read more about it here.

I was subsequently commissioned to write a book for tenants, and Renting: the Essential Guide to Tenants’ Rights was published in 2007. You can read more about it here. A third book on lodgers was published in 2009, initially just as an ebook but now as a ‘proper’ book too.

Personal stuff

On a more personal note, I am married and live with my husband and son in the beautiful Cathedral city of Norwich in Norfolk, England in the United Kingdom. Norwich is a historical medieval city, once the second city in England. It is now one of the top 10 shopping centres in the country, and has a university (UEA), and at least three theatres.

Most of my time is spent working on my website service and blog, and surfing the internet with my Macbook. When not working I enjoy reading, cooking, watching Doctor Who, and walking in the country and exploring new places with my family.

Newsletters and emails

If you have enjoyed reading this blog, why not sign up to receive new posts by email? You can do this here.  You can then be sure that you will not miss anything.

I also write a regular monthly Landlord Law newsletter, giving tips, news, and a few special offers. You can sign up for this here (and get a free guide on tenancy agreements) . The newsletter will normally be sent out on the second Thursday in the month.

More recently I have set up a special monthly newsletter which I write with Ben Reeve Lewis which is aimed at Local Authority workers.  It is called the Frontliner and you can read more about it (and sign up) >> here.

You can also keep up to date with what I am doing if you follow me on twitter.

The picture of Tessa by Keiron Tovell Photography


Winner Simply Business Landlord & Property Website Awards 2011 2011 Website Awards – Simply Business

Press reviews

For the Blog:

The Times, 29 June 2007

No 5 in The Times 25 top property blogs

"All buy-to-let landlords should make this a regular read"

For Landlord Law:

The Times, 31 March 2007

"Landlord Law has the personal feel of a small operation but is extensive, with pages of jargon-free explanation of topics from lodger law to evictions and choosing a letting agent. Ms Shepperson is a respected author and solicitor, regulated by the Law Society."

Richard Susskind in The Times 26 September 2006

TESSA Shepperson defies the conventional wisdom that only large law firms can innovate with IT — proving that a sole practitioner can work wonders with a website.

Some testimonials:

Melvin Brown, Senior Legal Executive and Independent Consultant: "Well done for putting together such a wonderful and well equipped site and resources base!"

Ian Cosier, landlord: "We have been with you since 2006 and love the site - gives us massive confidence as landlords, and it makes a huge difference having a real person fronting it rather than a faceless company name".

Nick Dardalis, letting agent : "A totally excellent site, full of things that I didn't know"

Yvette Newbury, landlord: "Your website gives me the courage to do things by myself"

Brian Ashworth, landlord: "Landlord law is invaluable to me for the downloading of tenancy agreements and inventory's and just the general amount of information and advice you can receive on various subjects!"

Ann Knight, Landlord: "Your website gave me the necessary confidence and information to manage the letting out of my one bed maisonette, a buy to let property. The forms are great, as are the links to tax advice and landlords’ insurance."

Andrew Gullett, Solicitor: "The service that you provide is excellent for all property professionals, including legal advisors. Your site provides a comprehensive database of information on housing law. It is very simple to use and is written in a language which is easy to understand. I also believe that it is excellent value for money. As a solicitor specialising in housing law it helps to have your site as an on-line resource and reference tool."

Michael Chan, tenant: "As an eCommerce consultant, I must say I am impressed by your service, materials on the site are extremely useful, forum threads were responded within a business day, and very good user journey throughout the site. Anyway, thanks again and I will definitely recommend this website to my friends."

The Landlord Law Blog from Tessa Shepperson

Tessa is an English lawyer specialising in residential landlord and tenant law.

Legal Services

Legal services are provided via Tessa's online service Landlord Law. Some advice services are provided by Tessa, other legal services are provided by specialist housing firm Anthony Gold.


The purpose of this blog is to provide information, comment and discussion. Although Tessa, or guest bloggers, may from time to time, give helpful comments to readers' questions, these can only be based on the information given by the reader in his or her comment, which may not contain all material facts. Any comments or suggestions provided by Tessa or any guest bloggers should not therefore be relied upon as a substitute for legal advice from a qualified lawyer regarding any actual legal issue or dispute.

Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice or perceived as creating a solicitor-client relationship (apart from the Fast Track block clinic service - so far as the questioners only are concerned).

Guest bloggers

Please note that any opinion expressed by a guest blogger is his or hers alone, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Tessa Shepperson, or the other writers on this blog.

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