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Online agency law course from Easy Law Training

Agency lawRegular readers will know that there is a special type of law, agency law, which applies when one person (an agent) makes a contract with a third party on behalf of another person (their principal).

There are many different types of agent – shipping agents, actors agents, literary agents and of course letting agents.  The law of agency applies to them all.

If you are a letting agent or if you use a letting agent, this branch of law will apply to you.  In which case it would be a good idea to know something about it.

For example did you know:

  • That in some circumstances an agent can make a valid contract with a third party even against his principals express instructions
  • That if an agent breaches his ‘fiduciary duty’ this will allow his principal to end the agency agreement immediately
  • That in some circumstances the agent can still create a valid contract with a third party even after his agency agreement has been ended?

To help inform landlords and letting agents, I have created a new online course which looks at all these issues.  It runs for six weeks starting on 3 February and looks not only at agency law but also at the law of contract and the law of trusts which underlie it.

Its a proper law course with references to statues and case law.   However I have tried to make it interesting, with a few You Tube videos, pictures and extensive clips from Simon Parrott’s agency law talk at the 2013 Landlord Law Conference.

When you have done it you should have a deeper understanding about how this area of law works and how it applies to you.

If you need to get CPD you can claim up to six hours (with certificates) via the online tests.

The course runs for six weeks but you then continue to have access to the course material for six months – so plenty of time to catch up!  There is also an online discussion forum where you can ask questions.

To find out more and book your place >> click here.  Bookings close on 3 February when the course starts.

Easy Law for Landlords – the online course

School for Landlords

Having spent a large part of yesterday evening re-doing the information page, I thought I would just remind you that this course exists. Its basically a law course for landlords and property professionals.  Quite a detailed course which will turn you into a bit of an expert. However I have tried to make it reasonablyContinue Reading

Some pictures from the Landlord Law Conference 2013

Conference 2013

Some pictures which I took at the Landlord Law Conference which took place at the Athenaeum in Bury St Edmunds on 15 March 2013Continue Reading

Good news for social housing workers

The Front Liner

Announcing the Frontliner talking shop blog where social housing workers can ask questions of Ben Reeve Lewis and eligibility expert Sue LukesContinue Reading

Easy Law for Landlords course – bookings close today

Easy Law for Landlords

Today is the last day if you want to sign up for my Easy Law for landlords course which I have been writing about on this blog. So if you want to learn about landlord and tenant law in a fun and easy way  >> go here quick and sign up. A couple of extraContinue Reading

Easy Law for Landlords course – introducing David Smith on HMO law

David Smith

HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) are a particularly tricky area of law. And since the definition of an HMO was widened with the introduction of the Housing Act 2004, many landlords letting to tenants sharing who are not family, will in fact (sometimes without  realising it) be letting as an HMO. This brings in additional regulations thatContinue Reading

Are you REALLY SURE you understand tenancy law properly?

Do you REALLY know tenancy law?

If you don’t understand tenancy law properly, you can lose out. Seriously. Many problems which can cause endless trouble and expense are entirely avoidable …Continue Reading

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