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Its all in the contract

Making a contract

Foundations of landlord and tenant law – part 4 As well as being an ‘estate in land’ (looked at in part 1) a lease or tenancy is also a type of contract. So we need to take a look at contract law. Contract law is a very important area of law which affects all of us in ourContinue Reading

A digression on equity and the Court of Chancery

bayeux tapestry scene 1 - Edward the Confessor

Foundations of landlord and tenant law – part 3 I had thought of leaving this bit out, as it is not essential to landlord and tenant law. But it is an important part of our legal history and comes into all sorts of things, so I thought I had better just mention it. Anyway itContinue Reading

Tenancy deposits – the law that never was

Images of money

There are probably a lot of angry landlords out there. Landlords who were sued by their tenants for the deposit of three times the deposit sum because they failed to protect, and were ordered to pay up. Why are they angry? Because if they were to be sued now, they could protect late and avoidContinue Reading

Owning property with other people – the rules

Laughing couple.

Foundations of landlord and tenant law – part 2 Often people want to own property together. For example: A husband and wife may own their house jointly Business partners may own the lease for their shop premises together Brothers and sisters may be left a property jointly when their parents die Several friends may rentContinue Reading

Land Law, a bit of history, and the two estates in land

William the Conqueror 1066-1087

Foundations of landlord and tenant law – part 1 Land law is pretty complicated. The subject matter, land, is after all both very important and limited. There may be a few bits at the edge of the country where land is dropping into the sea, and other bits where new land is being created (byContinue Reading

Tenants legal help : making a tenancy deposit claim

houses and money

APRIL 2013 UPDATE: I now have a DIY kit tenants can use to bring a claim against their landlords >> click here. If you want to bring a claim against your landlord because he has not protected your deposit you may find it hard to find someone to act for you.  Most of us whoContinue Reading

Tenancy deposits, fed up landlords and a coach and horses

coach and horses

Regular readers will remember the Court of Appeal decision in the case of Tiensia v Vision Enterprises Ltd (t/a Universal Estates).  This drove a ‘coach and horses’ through the tenancy deposit legislation by saying that landlords could protect the deposit up to a day before the court hearing date. However this case was in theContinue Reading

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