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Landlord Law Blog Clinic

Do you have a landlord and tenant law problem?  Are you finding it hard to get an answer?  Why not try the Landlord Law Blog Clinic?

There are two services –

The Free Service – where you may get your question answered but probably not for one to three months and you may not get it answered at all – to use this complete the form below, or

The Fast Track Service – this carries a fee of £60 (which you can pay by pay pal or credit card) but you will either get your question answered at the latest within 14 days (but normally within a couple of days) or your money back.

In either case questions are answered at my discretion.  Note also that some questions may be passed to one of the solicitors at top housing law firm Anthony Gold.

Be aware that once the post is online I will not normally take it down again.  So only post a question if you are happy for it to appear online (your name will not be published unless you agree).

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Otherwise use the form below:

Landlord Law Free Blog Clinic form

Write your problem in the form below, complete the other fields and send it off.

Please note though that (if your question gets answered) the people answering will be doing this as a gesture of good will. If they felt that they could be held legally liable for any problems that might arise from a wrong answer given by mistake, no-one would give any answers.

So it is therefore a condition of submitting a question that you agree that that you will not hold any person answering responsible for any losses or problems you may experience as a result of the answers given.

If you send a question you will be deemed to have agreed to this.

See also the disclaimer in the footer of this blog.

Needless to say you will also, by using this form to send us details of your problem, be deemed to have given your consent to your problem being published on the Landlord Law Blog.

We will not publish your email, or your name if you would prefer us not to. See the question about this below.

We will normally email you at the email address provided if your question gets asked but cannot guarantee this.

If you need an answer quickly, use the >> Fast Track Service.

  • Be concise. Long rambly questions are less likley to be chosen.
    If you do not agree to us using your name we will make one up, and say that it is not your real name.
    Landlord Law is my subscription information service. You can read more about it here. I also write ebooks and kits and it would be useful to be able to quote real life examples to help other readers.
  • Use this box if you have any comments on the Landlord Law Blog or suggestions for future posts you would like us to do.
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