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Landlord Law Blog Roundup from 20 January

BenBen Reeve Lewis, after several years of being filmed, has finally emerged from the cutting room floor, and you can see him (not for very long mind you but at least he is there) in a very interesting Inside Out London program on energy.

The first part of the program is about energy theft – this is the bit where Ben appears.  We look at raids on people who have stolen gas and electricity, sometimes in the most dangerous manner.

Indeed we are also shown some houses which have been completely destroyed by explosions.

The second part of the program is the optimistic part, and we see some local energy generation projects where waste heat is going to heat local housing estates.

Its well worth a watch, even though Ben is not wearing his Hawaiian shirt.  Still you can see that phenomenon above.  The program is available for a couple more days on iplayer.

But what happened on the blog?


Are you involved in Rent to Rent

This post is really recommending a brilliant post on Nearly Legal about the dangers of rent to rent.  Although I do summarise some of the main points.  See it here …


Landlord Law Conference Speakers – Timohy Waitt

One of a series of posts about our speakers at the Conference.  Timothy is a partner in Anthony Gold solicitors and an expert in damp and condensation issues.  He explains why here  …


Should we pay rent if there is no hot water?

A blog clinic question from some students who are unlucky in their landlord.  Read more here …


How many sets of keys and fobs is a tenant entitled to?

A tenant asks if her landlord is in breach of her covenant for quiet enjoyment by only giving her one set of keys and fob.  See what we thought here …


Ben Reeve Lewis Friday Newsround #138

As well as the TV program aforesaid, Ben discusses speed flat mating, a report on rising damp and hipsterification (which he is all in favour of).  Read it all here …


Further reading

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