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Landlord Law Blog Roundup from 10 March

Landlord Law PodcastsWhen I published my Landlord Law live interview as an audio just over a week ago I asked people whether they wanted it published as an audio or as a video.

The results show a big vote for audio, so that is what I am going to do.

A few years ago I set up a Landlord Law Podcast on itunes, but then stopped, so I will carry on using that.  If you want to subscribe – go to itunes and search for ‘Landlord Law Podcast’.

You will see a few old ones and then the new Ian Potter interview.  All new Landlord Law Live webinar interviews will be published as podcasts now.  But it you attend the live event it will be as a webinar.

My next interviewee by the way will be Alan Ward and you can sign up for it >> here.

But what happened on the blog last week?


Can our landlord claim for re-decoration caused by damp and mould?

A blog clinic question this one with a useful comment from TDS.  See it here …


The housing crisis – and four fatal mindsets which make solving it (almost) impossible

I actually spent a large part of last weekend thinking about this one and it came from the heart so I was not entirely happy to have my motives questioned in the comments.  Read it here …


Why is the Council ordering the landlord to instal these internal doors?

Another blog clinic one – I am not a surveyor so this was not my best topic but I got a lot of help in the comments.  Read them here …


New proposals from Shelter on retaliatory eviction

I comment on the proposals which have caused a certain amount of controversy.  Find out more here …


Ben Reeve Lewis Newsround #145

Ben has been contemplating fish this week – Frazzy wants a fish tank – but has also found time to consider stories such as Foxtons finances, council amnesties and the London Housing Solutions  scandal.  Read it all here …


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