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Successful Property Letting by David Lawrenson

Successful Property LettingHow to make money in buy to let

One of the best books for someone wanting to go into property is David Lawrenson’s classic book Successful Property Letting.  AND we now have a new edition with everything brought up to date!

David is a successful landlord himself and his book is both authoritative and a good read.  He covers all the things you need to know clearly and I did not spot any legal howlers.

Content includes a great introductory chapter which sets the scene and then chapters on all the basics – finding a property, the financials, refurbishing it, finding tenants, managing it, dealing with difficult tenants, tax – everything you need to know really.  Finishing with a chapter on holiday lets and investing abroad.

This book is aimed primarily at new landlords, but many experienced landlords would enjoy it and learn a lot – maybe put it in your Christmas list?

Note that a copy of David’s book will be sent to the winner of our Annual Blog Survey prize draw – we will be doing this at the end of October so make sure you do the survey before then (even if you don’t win David’s book, you still get a free download of one of my ebooks).

If you don’t win the blog survey prize draw, you can still get the book online at Amazon here.

Residential Possession Proceedings by Gary Webber and Daniel Dovar


A review of Residential Possession Proceedings by Gary Webber – an essential reference book for all lawyers doing possession workContinue Reading

Quiet Enjoyment 7th edition by Andrew Arden QC, Rebecca Chan and Sam Madge-Wyld

Quiet Enjoyment

Ben Reeve Lewis reviews this classic housing text book and takes it on a Top Gear type ‘test drive’Continue Reading

Renting HMOs Sussed – a practical guide to managing an HMO

Renting HMOs

HMO Landlady’s book on the art of running an HMO. With a chapter on legal stuff from our own Ben Reeve LewisContinue Reading

Housing Law Casebook 5th Edition – by Nic Madge and Claire Sephton

Housing Law Casebook

A housing law classic this, now available in a Kindle version. I take a look at this and consider whether using a kindle is a good idea for this bookContinue Reading

Defending Possession Proceedings (seventh edition) by Jan Luba QC, John Gallagher, Derek McConnell and Nic Madge

Defending Possession Proceedings 7th edition

As can be seen from the fact that it is now in its seventh edition, Defending Possession Proceedings is a popular book!  It is also much heavier than it was when first published, now running to over 800 pages.  A reflection on the ever increasing complexity of this area of law. The authors refer inContinue Reading

Housing Allocation and Homelessness: Law and Practice (Second Edition) by Jan Luba and Liz Davies

Housing Allocation and Homelessness: Law and Practice (Second Edition) by Jan Luba and Liz Davies

Our reviewer Giles Peaker (of Anthony Gold solicitors) should be pretty knowledgeable now on housing allocation and homelessness law, as he previously reviewed Andrew Arden’s book on the same subject. What did he make of this one? Housing Allocation and Homelessness: Law and Practice This is the second edition of this book, written by JanContinue Reading

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