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Problems pending in the County Courts from now until August

Norwich CourtNow is probably not a good time to bring a claim for possession through the courts.

Bog standard claims will probably go through all right but I predict dire delays for cases where non standard hearings are required.

Strike action

My inbox has brought me two news items which will fill all those who use the courts with a deep foreboding.

The first of these is news that the Courts will be conducting a walk out on Thursday in protest over cuts to their pensions.  They will then work to rule from then on until August, refusing all overtime.

Or so they say.  Individual court workers strapped for cash may succumb.  But it does not look good.

Last year the courts relied heavily on workers doing overtime to get the extra work caused by the riots done.  And apparently 1,200 posts have been cut by HM Courts and Tribunals Service this year.  Delays look inevitable.

Priority, we are told, is to be given to urgent business if the strike goes ahead.  We all know what that means.  Repossession claims will be pushed to the back of the queue.

Olympic cuts

The other piece of news will be particularly grim news for London court goers, already suffering the longest delays.

Apparently the courts are going to scale back their work considerably during the Olympics (which looks set to be a really fun time for anyone who just wants to get on with their work).

Although this is largely due to fears that jurors and witnesses will be unable to reach the courts due to the massive traffic expected at that time, we are told that other work will also be scaled back.

Heigh ho!

My advice?  Make sure your paperwork is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT so there is no reason for the Judge to push your claim to the back of the queue.

Legal aid cuts – bad news for landlords

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Solving disputes in the county courts – Pt 2

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Court fees to rise on 4 April 2011

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Court closures and their effect on repossessions

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Problems with the Courts


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Court closures opposed by Residential Landlords Association

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RLA County Court closure campaign A campaign has been launched by the Residential Landlords Association, regarding the threatened closure of a large number of courts. The Ministry of Justice claims that many of the courts are underused, have out of date resources, (including inadequate facilities for disabled people) and that it would be more efficientContinue Reading

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