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Ending tenancy when new agreement signed


We have a blog clinic question from John (not his real name) I hope you can help, I have an issue with my current tenancy which it would be good to get some informal advice on.  I’m coming to the end of my current agreement, and have already signed a new contract, beginning on the…

Ben Reeve Lewis’ Friday Newsround #7

Ben on a chair

[We have a new picture of Ben today - so you can see what he really looks like under those shades.  But today Ben is going into rant mode ... ] Warning….fledgling UKIP zone ahead. Who said we turn into our parents as we get older? I don’t always know where I am going when…

TRO Confidential : The Case of the Man Who Never Was


A day in the life of TRO Ben Reeve Lewis. The Case of the Man Who Never Was Explanation: Tenancy Relations Officers (TRO) work for local council’s providing advice on landlord tenant law and investigating allegations of harassment and Illegal Eviction and prosecuting landlords. All names are false but the stories are true. A family…

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