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Tenants legal help – five things you didn’t know about your assured shorthold tenancy

Edwardian Terrace, Didsbury, Manchester, UK

The Assured shorthold tenancy is the most common form of tenancy in the private rented sector today. But did you know the following five facts? Most tenancies are automatically an assured shorthold tenancy, whether or not the landlord gives you a written tenancy agreement However, if your landlord does not give you a tenancy agreement,… Continue Reading

Tenants legal help – five points on your rights about electricity


There are differences between tenants rights as regards gas and electricity which is often confusing. Here are five points to help you. 1. There is no equivalent to the gas regulations certificates Under the gas regulations all landlords are obliged to get an annual certificate and give it to their tenants. There is nothing equivalent… Continue Reading

Tenants legal help – five tips on dealing with landlord harassment

angry man

Dealing with landlord harassment Harassment from landlords can take many forms but the most common are: going round and shouting and swearing coming into the property without asking first cutting off the services, such as gas and electricity What should you do about it?  Here are a few general tips. 1. Keep a record of… Continue Reading

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