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Practicalities of renting a room in a shared house

Big HMO houses

Following on from this morning’s blog post on licenses, I have recieved the following blog clinc post from Robert: Hi. I’ve read with interest (and thanks) Tessa’s blogs on “leave versus licence” and have a (perhaps obvious) follow on question: If I own an HMO with, say, 5 rooms let to separate individuals, can IContinue Reading

TRO Confidential : The case of the devious TRO

Sherlock Holmes

A day in the life of TRO Ben Reeve Lewis. The Case of the Devious TRO Explanation: Tenancy Relations Officers (TRO) work for local council’s providing advice on landlord tenant law and investigating allegations of harassment and Illegal Eviction and prosecuting landlords. All names are false but the stories are true. We have a lotContinue Reading

Urban Myth – it can’t be an HMO if all the tenants sign the same tenancy agreement

Urban Myth

It is important to know whether you have an HMO or not.  There are some rather important consequences.  For example: All HMO landlords have to comply with the special management regulations (and can be prosecuted and fined if they don’t), and the property may need to be licensed. The rules on HMOs changed in 2006Continue Reading

Oxford leads the way with HMO licensing

Oxford houses

HMO Licensing in Oxford Oxford City Council looks to be the first local authority to introduce blanket licensing for HMOs in its area, under new powers granted in April.    The new scheme will apply to every HMO in the city (apart from a few self contained flats) and will come into force on 25 October.Continue Reading

Another room, another tenancy

If your tenant changes rooms - this is a new tenancy

A recent case reported in Legal Action Magazine serves to remind us that tenants who rent a room in a shared house and change rooms, are also starting a completely new tenancy. Pilakoutas v. Schofield, Sheffield County Court, 22 May 2009  Here Professor Pitakoutas was a landlord by purchase of a house in multiple occupation. Continue Reading

Unpopular HMO planning laws to change on 1 October

After 1 October landlords may no longer need to get planning permission to let these properties to sharers

HMOs and planning law As reported on this blog previously, landlords and landlords organisations were extremely unhappy at the changes which were brought in to the planning laws on 6 April this year by the last government. Suspected to have been introduced largely because of problems in one minister’s constituency with ‘studentification’, Labour’s new rulesContinue Reading

Tenancy Agreements 31 days of tips – Day 10 – the property


For the new version of this series >> Click here This is day 10 of my 31 days of tips on tenancy agreements series. To see the rest of the series click here. Describing the property correctly in the tenancy agreement This sounds obvious but you need to be careful. If you get a court orderContinue Reading

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