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New support services with the DIY Eviction Guide on Landlord Law

Eviction HelpOne of the reasons why people join Landlord Law is the DIY Eviction kit.

If you are a landlord the need to evict your tenant often comes at a difficult time.  Frequently it is because your tenant is not paying rent – making it even more difficult for you to find the money to pay solicitors fees.

However often you have GOT to evict the tenant – as they won’t move out otherwise.  As they have been told by the Council that they won’t be re-housed unless they stay until they are evicted.

So something that saves you money is very welcome.  Thats why I wrote the DIY Eviction kit, quite a few years ago now.

The Landlord Law DIY Eviction Kit

Last year I overhauled it, added a few more bits, and made it more accessible.  Its been very successful.

But often people are worried about using it.  Going to court is scary stuff.  If you get it wrong you can get into all sorts of trouble and it will usually be far, far more expensive to get solicitors to sort out a case that has gone wrong, than to get them to do it from the beginning.

So as I am no longer doing eviction claims as a solicitor, I decided to add a bit of support to the DIY service.

The New Eviction Support Service

We have had a telephone advice service on Landlord Law for a long time.  So that is there for people who want it.  But what if you want something a bit more in depth?  Or a bit of hand holding all the way?

  • The initial analysis service

This is what I always used to do when I took on new eviction clients when I did eviction work as a solicitor.  I take an ‘in depth’ look at the paperwork and the situation, and advise on the best way forward.

In eviction situations not all procedures will be suitable.  You need to pick and choose the most appropriate one.  Thats what I do here.  And also try to second guess any problems that might arise, so they can be fixed.  Before proceedings are started.  So you don’t mess up.

  • The Eviction Support package

This can be used as well as or instead af the initial analysis.

It includes one checking over the paperwork (either in the same way as the initial analysis service or to check your paperwork before you issue proceedings), two telephone advice calls and email support, with up to seven advice emails during your case.

  • Advice on the page

Then all the pages in the online eviction guide have discussion areas at the bottom where you can ask questions which I will answer.  This will help you and will also help anyone else using the guide later.

The cost?

  • £360 for the full support service
  • £120 for the initial analysis service
  • £80 for telephone advice and
  • No charge for the ‘one the page’ advice

You will also need to join Landlord Law as a +Plus member which will cost you a minimum of £96 for six months.

But its still a lot cheaper than using a solicitor service.  And doing it yourself it will give you a greater understanding of how the system works, which will help make you a better landlord.

You can find out about the DIY Eviction Guide here.

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