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Preparing for the 2014 Landlord Law Conference #lllconf

The view from the Angel Restaurant window

The view from the Angel Restaurant window

Things are hotting up for our sell out Landlord Law conference. Huge amounts of preparation are ongoing.

Preparation of notes and the course handouts (which we print and bind in house), preparation of the master power point presentation, checking over bookings to make sure people who have booked are actually intending to attend, chasing up unpaid bills, liaising with the exhibitors, liaising with the hotel, checking people’s special diet needs, getting badges done …

The list goes on and on.

Today we went to Bury St Edmunds for a final visit to the Athenaeum before the event – we wanted to check the location of the exhibitors stands and how we are going to organise the flow of people around the rooms during the breaks.

Important as there are going to be a lot of people there!   Everything seems to be all right however.

We then decided that it was necessary to check the quality of the meals at the Angel Hotel (where many delegates will be staying). Someone’s got to do it …

I am pleased to report that the quality is EXCELLENT – in particular the warm pecan sponge with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Problems with the car

Things went downhill after lunch however as our car decided that it did not want to start so we had to call out the AA and ended up being towed home.

Just hoping we can get it repaired by next Friday.

But apart from that, things are going well.

It should be a good event.


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