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Should landlord and tenant law be taught in schools?

School lessonsWe are all expected to know the law, but very few people actually do.

It affects all our lives, governs what we can and cannot do, and one of the main tasks of our government is making it.  Should we not all know a bit more about it?

There is of course a lot of law.

My particular ‘area’ is landlord & tenant law and I think it is very important.

After all we all need a home and it looks as if increasing numbers of people will be renting – often for the whole of their life.

In fact I would go so far as to say that virtually everyone will at some stage of their lives be either a landlord or a tenant – more likely a tenant.

Tenants have many rights – for example relating to repair, their deposit, and the right not to be evicted without a Court Order.  But many tenants don’t know what their rights are, or how to enforce them.

Surely teaching children (probably at 6th form level) a bit about tenants rights, would be of enormous practical use to them?

There is of course the Internet – that big book people can dip into to inform themselves, and I have done a lot with this blog.  I have also written two free courses, one for landlords and one for tenants.

But I still think it would help children’s ‘life skills’ if they could learn a bit about their rights and obligations as landlords or tenants, at school.

What do you think?

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