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Landlord Law Podcast – with housing benefit expert Steve Perrons

Housing Benefit lettings expert explains how to make a profit from tenants on LHA

My guest this month is Steve Perrons of Perrons Davis, a Yorkshire letting agency which specialises in lettings to housing benefit tenants.

In this podcast Steve shares with me his secrets for profitable letting to benefit tenants and tenants on Local Housing Allowance (LHA).  For example:

  • Why you should only rent in areas where the local authority has a fast track system
  • How he uses guarantors to ensure rental payments to his landlords
  • What sort of returns he gets
  • The big benefits of renting to benefit tenants, and
  • His views on the forthcoming changes to the housing benefit system.

This is a fascinating podcast and highly recommended to  all landlord  renting to, or considering renting to, housing benefit tenants.

Apologies for the sometimes poor quality of the recording – we did our best!

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Housing Benefit specialist Steve Perrons to guest on the March Landlord Law Podcast

Steve Perrons

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Landlord Law Podcast – in conversation with David Lawrenson


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David Lawrenson to guest on the February Landlord Law Podcast

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