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Landlord Law Blog Roundup from 7 April

My deskWe have just got our new computers here at Landlord Law Towers.

In common, I suspect, with many small businesses, our computers were still running XP.

However as this is now no longer supported by Microsoft we needed to replace them.

This was done yesterday and so I now have a lovely shiny new computer running Windows 7 and Office 2013.  (See picture – yes I have two monitors).

It also made me clear my desk as well,  so I can now actually see the surface again after a couple of years of being covered with bits of paper I had put on one side to deal with later …

But what happened on the blog?


Landlord Law Conference 2014 film #lllconf

This is the little promo picture made by Tracy, our film maker who recorded the conference.  Its really whizzy and fun – take a look here …


Can the tenant claim the deposit penalty if the deposit was not actually paid?

A blog clinic question this one.  We have had quite a few comments which are well worth reading.  Find them here …


How can landlords evict tenants quickly?

A question that often gets asked.  Here are the answers!  Read them here …

Court fee increase on 22 April 2014

A quick post just to inform you about the court fees increase coming in.  Possession claim fees are going up, as are most other things other than enforcement fees.  Find out more about the new fees here …


Letting agent failing to pass on tenants rent – what can the landlord do?

Well he can’t claim the money again off the tenants, but I make a few other suggestions – find them here …

Licenses – when do you need a court order for possession?

I wrote this in response to an email request for information – so I have somewhere to point people to.  Read it here …


Ben Reeve Lewis Friday Newsround #149

Its all naughty steps and neighbours from hell this week, as Ben finally manages to have a day in his dressing gown.  Find out more here …


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