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Landlord Law Blog roundup from 22 April

Blog clubIn my last roundup I mentioned a secret project on the blog.

This can now be revealed at the Landlord Law Blog Club – a way for you to support the blog and get a bit extra back.

For example I am doing extra ‘club green’ comments on many of the posts – but you need to be logged in as a club member to read them!

I have also updated and reformatted the guide to defences to accelerated possession proceedings I did a couple of years ago – free to club members.

I’ve got a few other things in mind too.

However if you don’t want to pay £2.40 pm then you don’t have to.  Nothing is going to be taken away from the open blog – just a more added for people who don’t mind paying a tiny bit for a bit more – and thereby help me fund the blog.

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But what else happened on the blog?


Landlord threatens to live in a caravan on front lawn

A bit of a bizarre one this – instead of bringing proceedings through the courts, the landlord of this blog clinic reader told her he was going to live in his caravan in the front garden – you can probably guess my advice, but why not read it anyway here…


Simon Parrott talks about agency law and the fiduciary duty

Another clip from our Conference Course – this time Simon Parrott talking about this little known area of law – find out what many agents seem unaware of here …

Court of Appeal decision in Johnson v. Old – good news for landlords

I got sent the judgement in this case so hastened to put it online for you all – a very important case which anyone who takes deposits needs to know about.  Read about it here …


Tenancy Deposit Claims – help for tenants

My services tend to be mostly for landlords, but its nice to have something for tenants from time to time.  The open part of this site will help you find out if you have a claim against your landlord and the kit you can buy will explain how you do it – read all about it here …


Is the letting agent liable for damage done by tenants?

A frequent question from landlords – this one seems to have more merit than most.  What do you think?  Read it here …

Can the freeholders dictate who I let my flat to?

Are the freeholders of this blog clinic questioner’s flat entitled to screen all his tenants?  Take a look here …


Ben Reeve Lewis Friday newsround #104

Back from a few days in Sunny Spain, Ben is showing off his holiday snaps.  And talking a bit about housing matters too – take a look here…


Further reading

  • If you want to read a bit more about the Johnson v. Old case – there is a blog post from David Smith on Nearly Legal and on the Anthony Gold blog  
  • And a lot of comments on a newsflash of mine which was posted on Propetty118 for information here
  • However if you are sick of Johnson v.Old – here is a post by David on compulsory letting agent redress

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